• Flexibility to source from the most competitive organisations in the most competitive markets.
  • Developing global footprint for cost competitive manu-facturing.
  • Art to part capability.
  • Fully integrated enterprise.
  • Failsafe quality assurance at Just-In-Time facility.

From concept to Sequenced Delivery of Quality Product

  • Styling and concept development.
  • CAD, CAM, CAE and value engineering.
  • Development aids
  • Tooling (injection moulds and check fixtures).
  • Testing/validation.
  • Production and validation
    equipment design and manufacture.
  • Manufacturing and logistics Injection
  • Rim.
  • Painting (robotic water-bourn and
    solvent paint lines).
  • In-mould film.
  • Low pressure moulding.
  • PU spray/foam in place.
  • Assembly.
  • Logistics systems.
  • Just-In-Time (JIT)/sequencing/
    quality management.